Art Obsession: Jen Wink

My husband and I recently closed on a house in Denver, and while we don't plan on moving in until Spring of 2016, I've already begun dreaming of furnishing our space in the trendy Highlands neighborhood.

I've been in love with Jen Wink's art for a bit now.  I love her fresh palette and whimsical imagery - I envision her pieces hanging in my home office, the natural light hitting just so.

You can find Jen's work on Uprise Art, a supremely sophisticated curated website of up and coming artists around the world.  The awesome thing about Uprise is the range in pricing for the work they carry.  Established art collectors will feel at home with expensive pieces, while novice art collectors (like myself and my husband) can ease into the art buying fold with smaller (affordable) pieces that we truly cherish.



I've never given much thought to the idea of spring cleaning.  It made more sense to me to routinely do a bit of clean up throughout the year - in all aspects of my life.

This year, I decided to change my outlook on the entire tradition and apply the idea of decluttering on my closet.  I was inspired by a pin I came across from Team Wiking.  The idea was to whittle down your wardrobe to 50 classic pieces.  I loved the idea of severely scaling down to a few go-to pieces and potentially shelling out some serious money for high-quality pieces that had longevity.


I referred to their expertly curated list and realized I had most of the pieces listed already in my closet.  This made the decluttering process significantly easier.  The previous hesitance I felt with parting with garments and accessories was no longer there.  In face, the entire process felt so freeing!

I marveled at the amount of space I had created.  Why hadn't I thought of this before?!

Perhaps there is something to the whole idea of spring cleaning and decluttering.  I may have to try this again next year...